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Vocals, Guitar, Banjo / Darren Eedens
Fiddle / David Grubb
Bass / Rhys Morgan
Drums / Edd Clemas



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darren eedens is a full time banjo/ guitar picker... in the bluegrass folk, roots, rockabilly styles ... both on the road and in the studio

"On his own he leaves audiences spellbound with his dazzling instrumental skills, startling old-school vocals (Imagine Buddy Holly sitting on a porch in the Appalachians) and tall tales. " -The Blues Magazine UK 

"Darren Eedens and the Slim Pickin's from Cardiff, Wales revive the late 80's, early 90's alt-country or cow-punk genre before the more all-including term Americana was created. Deeply rooted in traditional country and mountain music but presented with an edgier punk-energy, switching from guitar to banjo, "Rye Whisky" was a standout from their soon to be released self-titled debut on April, 12. 
Think of Hank Williams meeting Ralph Stanley ready to party on steroids, while the Sex Pistols are laughing somewhere." - Giddy Ups Bar
Darren Eedens has been relentlessly on the road and releasing steadily for 6 years. A Canadian Musician known for his abilities on his home soil has moved to call Cardiff, Wales home as he tours Europe/UK more and more.

An old soul filled with story telling imagination, Darren Eedens, bends truths, and creates upbeat rhythmic tracks with hauntingly morbid lyrics. With his many influences ranging from the honky tonkin’, folk and bluegrass pickers of the past, he uses his unique and powerful voice to captivate anyone within earshot. With an unmatched live energy, he shares his views on life and more often death, shedding a beautiful light on the tragic tale. Standing on tables belting out words beyond his years, audiences are silent, only adding the necessary stomp clamps to many of the entirely acoustic pieces. You can catch Darren Eedens playing hard and fast, with his banjo, guitar and mandolin as his weapons of choice, sometimes using his voice as his only instrument. It is not uncommon to find Darren belting lyrics out at the top of his lungs, picking more notes per bar than most people can wrap their heads around. He breaks any barriers that one would expect to find when attending a show to see a solo act. His energy is unmatched and from the first note picked literally has the entire audience ready to move and party, yet can bring a crowd right down to an absolute silence while he picks a ballad of love lost.

Darren Eedens & the Slim Pickin’s might be one of the hardest working bands you will see. Their music will touch you, whether it makes you simply tap your toes, drink a few to many beers, dance away, or reflect on the lesser evils of the world, you will not forget him.

Darren Eedens is proudly endorsed by Deering Banjos, The Loar Guitars