End of a season, and the closing of a chapter

As I sit here in my office/music space looking out the window upon the leaves that are falling, and the brisk breeze blowing them into the streets I can’t help but feel it is time for an update and some thanks.

As some know, and many do not, it has been hard year for myself and thus has been taxing on the band. I am only just back from Canada, for the 7th time this year, organising my parents estate, selling off all belongings, and my childhood home. Saying goodbye to where I grew up, re evaluating what home is, and where one is really from. Losing both my parents over a 10 month period, has left me with a hole that will never be filled, but the joy from performing music is something that can help heal - and something I never want to stop doing. Over what has felt like an eternity, I have had to schedule my time between this, work, and music.

Finally I can say that music is going to be the priority again, and along with the boys we are focusing on bringing brand new music to as many places as we can.

Somehow within all the chaos, we were able to play some amazing festivals this year, from our return to Cambridge Folk Festival, to Vikedal Roots in Norway, to the debut of Black Deer Festival; it is hard not to see the positive in what the future will bring with such unwavering support coming from the folks we have been able to perform for.

Today, I am glued to the computer and to notebooks, writing out plans for 2019, emailing venues and promoters all over Europe/UK, and reaching out to festivals with hopes of being able to bring our sound and ultimately come and party with you. We welcome any suggestions, because at the end of the day, it is you that we would like to play for.

Tomorrow, I am visiting the studio, working on our first plans, and writing up our first timeline for recording the debut of the Slim Pickin’s record.

2019 will mark my 10th year as a performer, having taken my first steps on tour with Emm Gryner across Eastern Canada. With your support, it wont be my (or our) last.

Keep an eye out for new videos and recordings, it’s time to get serious about this again.

So a personal chapter of my life is closing, but feeling less tied down, I am excited to see what this new chapter will bring. Thanks for all of your understanding.

Darren Eedens & the Slim Pickin’s